About Kay

Hello, and welcome to ‘TurningPages90’.

My name is Kayleigh, and one of my favourite things to do is read. I use this blog, and my YouTube channel (Turningpages90) for all things book related. You can find anything from book reviews, book discussions and book hauls. I’ve even posted a few creative videos and posts as well!

My favourite thing to read is fiction, but I would be hard-pressed to choose a particular genre I like best. I enjoy high fantasy, mystery, horror, dystopian and contemporary fiction. I read a lot of adult fiction, but I like to mix in YA and some children’s fiction as well.

I would like to share some of my favourite posts and videos with you now.

  • Wreck this Journal #1. This was the first creative video I made, and I’m definitely very proud of it.
  • Maria Snyder: Author Spotlight. In this video, I share my love of Maria Snyder, one of my favourite fantasy authors. I give an overview of her published works and why I love them.
  • A book haul in photos. In this blog post, I showed my recent book purchases with some creative photography. I’m really happy with the way they turned out.
  • Sharp Objects: Book Review. This is my review of Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn. This is a psychological thriller, and was one of my favourite reads in 2012!
  • A Clash of Kings: book Review. ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ is one of my favourite fantasy series, and in 2013 I devoured the second instalment. I was very excited to share my review of the book .

Thank you for visiting my blog. My contact details can be found on the ‘contact me’ page. Happy Reading!

Kayleigh x




2 thoughts on “About Kay

    • turningpages90 says:

      Hi Asha,

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog so much. Thank you for sharing the award with me :). I appreciate it!

      I will definitely share this award with others as well, and will probably get a post up next week! The only problem will be narrowing my favourite books down to just 5! I could actually list hundreds 🙂

      Have a Merry Christmas!


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