What I read: February 2016

Zoo – James Patterson


After seeing the trailer for the TV adaptation of this book I was dying to get my hands on the book! I admit that I am not a big fan of James Patterson but the concept of this book was so interesting that I picked up a copy!

My thoughts are a little mixed – I really do like the idea behind this book – animals “taking back the earth” and so on, and the general plot was engaging and so on but the end kind of ruined it all for me. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll leave it there. I will be checking out the TV show though, I’ve heard its quite different to the book (not normally something I like admittedly). Perhaps I’ll do a comparison between the 2 when I’ve caught up with season 1!

Day Shift – Charlaine Harris

download (1)

If you’ve been following my blog or You Tube channel for a while then you may already know that Harris is  one of my favourite authors. ‘Day Shift’ is the second book in her Midnight Texas series and I loved it. I love how well she is mixing this new setting and characters in with her other series of books (Sookie Stackhouse novels and Lily Bard novels!), It is bringing such a good dimension to her overall world building.

As I said in my Good Reads review of this book – I need  another book in this series now!

What Happens Next – Colleen Clayton


This is YA book about what happens after date rape. I tend to reach for the YA books that explore difficult topics, so the synopsis of this really pulled me in. I’m planning on writing a detailed review of this book soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you are interested.

Dead Until Dark & Living Dead in Dallas – Charlaine Harris


As previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of Charlaine Harrris, but it has been quite a few years since I read through the Sookie Stackhouse books so I thought it would be fun to re-read them. I’m planning on re-reading 2 of them of each month.


What have you been reading recently?



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