You: Caroline Kepnes [Book Review]

You: Caroline Kepnes [Book Review]


I’ve read a number of thriller/suspense novels that feature stalkers, so when I pick one up now I am looking for something “different”.
‘You’ definitely fulfilled that need. I really enjoyed reading from the viewpoint of the stalker, I found myself getting into his head far too easily and (worryingly) by the time I was halfway through I wasn’t horrified by his actions, which I feel would be different if I was hearing about them from another character.

I liked that the characters were not perfect – none of them – this made things much more realistic.

I liked how well the digital age is incorporated into the novel – the stalkers use of twitter, facebook and email. It’s alarming just how much we can reveal about ourselves and our whereabouts on the internet – and just how much someone can find out if they do manage to get hold of passwords.

I found the book a little slow in places, but overall my attention was grabbed quickly, and I finished the book fairly quickly. I like that the ending left a few things open, and I will reach for the next books in this series.


*I read ‘You’ in June 2015, but forgot to upload this quick review. I also talked about this book in my ‘top reads of 2015*



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