I let You Go: Clare Mackintosh [Book Review]

I let You Go: Clare Mackintosh [Book Review]


‘I let you go’ is a psychological thriller set around the case of a hit and run accident that kills a little boy – Jacob. I have chosen to leave the plot synopsis here so as not to give too much away!

The first half of this book has a slower pace than the second- despite there being some pretty dramatic scenes! I read the first chapters slowly, but once I got half way through I was hooked and whizzed through the second half in an afternoon. There are so many twists and turns through the book – which I loved! Some of them I sort of worked out, but one of the major ones really shocked me!

Some of this book is from the perspectives of the detectives that are working on the case. I  believe that Clare Mackintosh is actually a trained detective herself, which helps the novel feel very authentic. Having said that, the detective scenes are very easy to read and understand – sometimes when huge detail is included about the law side of things I can lose interest slightly –  but I felt that the perfect amount was included. The detectives also had their own lives going on and they felt like dimensional characters – not just there to fill a purpose.

I  finished this book wanting more – I wanted to keep on reading about the characters after the mysteries had been solved, I feel quite connected to them and a little sad about leaving them now I have finished the book.

This was a fabulous book to start off my 2016 reading, and I’m so glad I picked it up!



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