2016: Reading Resolutions

Each year I make a few reading resolutions. I am normally quite good at following what I aim to do!

Over the last few years I have really focused on enjoying what I have been reading, not counting the books I have read, re-reading old favourites and generally trying to go back to how I read before I began book blogging. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, it was pleasant to not have a Goodreads goal to follow and I stopped worrying about it taking me a week or more to finish a book!

I do still want to carry these principles on, with the exception of not setting a number of books goal – I feel in the mood for a target again so I have indeed set one.

  • This year I aim to read around 50 books.I think this is quite achievable as 1 book a week tends to be what I currently read.
  • As I have said in the last few years, I want to re-read books again this year – I’m thinking that some Stephen King, Charlaine Harris and Harry Potter books will be what I reach for!
  • Read what I have on my shelf. I am so lucky to have a full bookshelf with around 25 unread books,I want to reach for those this year and by doing that I also want to save money on buying books.I really don’t have the money to blow on lots of books this year!
  • Make more use of the library. I think that a monthly library visit (even if I only take out one or two books) would be really good for me. Borrowing free books means I can step out of my reading comfort zone, and try new things!
  • Use my kindle more. Last year I only read 4 books on my kindle over the year, which is a real shame. I actually have about 10 unread books on there, which I would like to get to, and there are probably some titles on there that I would  like to re-read as well.
  • Lastly, I want to have fun reading. Really, that’s all it comes down to – having fun and enjoying my hobby.

Thanks for reading!

Have you made reading resolutions this year? xx


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