How to be Happy (or at least less sad) – Lee Crutchley [Initial Thoughts/ First Impressions]

Title: How To Be Happy (or at least less sad)

Author: Lee Crutchley

Publisher and year published: Ebury Press ( 2015)

‘How to be happy’ caught my eye when I was browsing in my local bookshop – initially it was the bright green cover that caught me, but then I was dragged in by the title. I immediately thought that this was more than your average self help book, and I think I was right!

This book is not designed to fix you, make you happy or tell you what to do to get better. This book is designed to help you really look into your thought patterns and feelings, and to help you analyse them, and work to change them a little. I bought this for my anxiety, I have been really trying to get a grip on my nerves, and I hope that this book helps me a little in that step.

You are supposed to write in this book, it is a series of exercises designed to make you think, some of them are easy and some are very challenging. I have now filled out a few pages and I had to think quite hard about them. I like the layout and design on the pages, but you could easily use this a guided journal, even if you copy the exercises into your personal journal.

I’ve had this book for a week now, and have filled a little in each day. It is very versatile – I feel that you could fill it in as slowly as you need – taking all the time you want to do the exercises.

My initial impressions of ‘How to be Happy’ are very positive, and I’m looking forward to giving an overall review of this book in a few months time.


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