You’re Mine – Hans Koppel [Book Review]

You’re Mine now – Hans Koppel

*Spoiler Free Review*


Anna and Magnus are happily married, but one night, in a moment of madness, Anna has a brief fling with Erik. Anna finds herself tangled up in Erik’s dark and twisted world and begins to fear for her family’s safety. She has to make the difficult decision of trying to handle things on her own, or admitting her infidelity to her husband.

This books is translated from Swedish, and is of course set in Sweden. I don’t personally have much knowledge of the locations mentioned in this book and I was not sure of the currency conversion (so I thought at first they had bought a car for £150, 000!) but this didn’t affect my thoughts on the book overall.

The plot of this book was a little slow for me. It was quick and easy to get into the story and setting, but I wasn’t as gripped as I like to be with psychological thrillers. The atmosphere and tension in the book was good and it did give the whole story quite an eerie vibe! Towards the end of the book things did pick up pace quite a lot and I finished the last 100 pages in one sitting. The ending was okay, a few dramatic events but to be honest I found it a little predictable.

Erik was definitely a creepy character – but he did not do anything that I couldn’t guess. Maybe I’ve just read too many novels about stalkers now! His past was touched upon, and bits of his dark side shone through and were revealed slowly as the plot began to develop.

Anna’s character was perhaps not as dimensional as I would have preferred, she didn’t seem to have any personally quirks and I would struggle with a way to describe her. Her love for her family does shine through a lot, and even though she engaged in the fling with Erik I did believe that her love for her husband was strong.

I liked the relationship Anna had with her mother – I was surprised at how much she did confide in her – but I think it worked really well. I came to realise just how much Anna loved her mother, and how similar she was to her as well. I believe the love between mother and daughter was reflected slightly in Anna’s relationship with her own daughter. Perhaps if her daughter had been older that may have been more apparent.

Overall my thoughts on this book are generally positive. I very much liked the characters and felt that in some ways they were a bit stronger than the arc of the plot. I would be happy to read more of Hans Koppel’s books in the future.




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