Adult Colouring – Materials I Use – Examples from ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Millie Marotta

Adult colouring is hugely popular right now, and I was very quick to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve always enjoyed art, drawing, painting and colouring but over recent years I lost interest in drawing myself and gave away almost all of my art supplies. I kept a few colouring books, pens and pencils. The colouring books I had were just ‘creative’ books – more detailed than those for children but nowhere near as detailed as current adult colouring books can be. You can probably imagine my excitement when I got my hands on my first “real” adult colouring book – Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been colouring quite a lot in my spare time, especially in the evenings whilst half watching TV.

I have reviewed Animal Kingdom on my blog, and uploaded a speed colour to my YouTube channel which you can view by clicking here.

Materials I use

Letraset Pro markers – These are actually my favourite art pens to colour with. They have a huge selection of colours, are vibrant and excellent for blending. I have used these on a few images within the book but have found they bleed through to the other side, so I have used them sparingly. They are also fairly expensive so my personal collection of them is quite small!

Colouring Pencils – I have used colouring pencils the most in my colouring book. They do not show through the pages, are great for shading and building up colour and you can get a really sharp point for detailed areas. I do not own serious artist pencils and although they are great I don’t think they are essential. My own colouring pencils are a mix of Crayola and Staedtler and I haven’t had a problem.

Felt Tips and Marker Pens – There are some brands of felt tips that do not bleed through the pages. The kind I have come across are Stabilo power felt tips pens. They do tend to show ‘colouring lines’ a little so I have not used them very much at all.

I have a few new books on there way to me, which I very exciting, and I plan on reviewing and sharing my colouring of those books as well. I also intend to try out using fine liners, gel pens and other brands of markers!

Do you like colouring? What are your favourite books?

Thanks for reading! xx



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