Unread Books | To Be Read Pile | Summer 2015

Unread books, to be read piles and ‘crushing to be read piles’ have been discussed a lot on book tube this year. I think this has stemmed from the popularity of book hauls; and the fact that many of us buy books faster than we can read them.

My opinion on this matter is actually pretty much in the middle. A bookshelf with no unread books at all is quite a sad thought – I personally love having a variety of choices when I am trying to find something to read. However, if there are too many books on my shelf I can feel a little overwhelmed.

I decided that I should have a rough number of unread books on my shelf, an amount I am comfortable with. When looking through my shelves, collecting my unread books and counting them I realised that I am actually around that number, which is a great thing. This has happened mostly due to lack of funds to buy books, which has meant that for each book I buy I’ve probably read 3 or more off my shelf already.

In the following video I am sharing what unread books I currently have on my shelf, and discussing them a little. Feel free to ‘like and subscribe’ to my YouTube channel if you enjoy it :).



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