How I rate my books!

Rating Books

I have been blogging and making You Tube videos about books for over 3 years now, and I realised that I have never specially talked about how I actually rate my books.

5* I loved it, would re-read it and didn’t find anything wrong with it

4* I really enjoyed it – maybe found a few faults but would read similar books

3* A good read, maybe didn’t stand out as much as others, a few faults

2* Not to my personal taste, did not enjoy

1* Not at all to my taste – did not finish

I would like to say that I read purely for enjoyment. I love reading, love holding book, turning pages and immersing myself in a different world. I am also very good at choosing books for myself! Usually if I know it’s “not my thing” I tend not to pick it up. Reviewing books is a hobby and because of that I rate books based mainly on my enjoyment of the book. I always try to be more specific when I do a full review of a book and include all the positive and negative thoughts I had about the book.

Watch the video here:




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