Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – Colouring Book Review – Speed Colour

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom: A Colouring Book Adventure

Publisher: Batsford LTD (2014)



When I first received my copy of this book I felt like I had a luxury item in my hands; the book is of an extremely high quality and it presented in a beautiful way. The paper within the book is thick and brilliant white.  I thought this book was absolutely beautiful on my first flick through; I almost didn’t want to start colouring it as it looked so pristine!

The variety of illustrations within ‘Animal Kingdom’ is good, some are simplistic, some very detailed and some have space for you to add your own zentangle details before colouring. I like that I was able to start colouring with quite a simple dragonfly image before moving on to one of the very detailed fish illustrations.

You are able to be as detailed (or less detailed) as you wish with your colouring. If you don’t want to colour between every single pattern, block colouring over them will still allow the pattern to show through – although it should be noted I have only tried this coloured pencils and pro-markers.

Whilst colouring I found that using coloured pencils did not cause any colour to ‘bleed’ through to the other side of the page. When using pro-markers I did find some colour bled through to the other side, causing me to be very selective about which images I used markers on.

Overall I am extremely happy with this adult colouring book. I think it’s a great way to indulge in a little creative art; without having to actually draw your own image. I have loved using Instagram and YouTube to see how other people have used their colouring books. I also find adult colouring to be very calming, especially during periods where I have been particularly anxious. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom.

To show what colouring an image is like, I have produced a speed colour video for my YouTube Channel, TurningPages90, which can be seen by clicking here.



Thank you for reading!

Have you been doing any adult colouring?



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