Happy New Year!

hello everyone 🙂

I’m a little late in the year to come back with a new year post, but I still wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope January and February have been good to you so far 🙂

My hopes for this years reading

This year I want to focus on enjoying what I read! As with last year, I won’t be keeping count of the number of books I read, the length of my ‘To Be Read’ shelf, or competing in reading challenges. Instead I want to focus more of each book individually – reading at my own leisurely pace and really collecting my thoughts at the end of each book. I plan on posting monthly reading wrap-up videos on my YouTube channel, as a way of doing a few mini reviews each month, as well as filling out my written reading journal and of course writing some full reviews on here! I hope that this will continue to bring me back to the core of why I really love reading.

My hopes for this blog

I aim to use this blog as a place for my longer, written reviews. Probably not of every single book, but definitely ones that leave me with a lot to say. I want to be more detailed in these reviews – in terms of information about the books themselves – the cover, length, publisher etc.

I will also be sharing my YouTube videos on here, which should be once a week as my schedule for video uploads is every Friday.

I also want to play around with other book related content – perhaps sharing my favourite book related products, some quirky book photography, favourite book shops and so on. I’m really hopeful about this year of blogging!

My hopes for the year in general

As a whole, I want to really focus on becoming a better person this year (a bit cliché I know!). In particular I want to remember to be grateful for the life I have and the wonderful people in it, I want to see more good in people than bad and I want to forgive a little more. There are many other things, but I won’t ramble on for too long here!


I’m going to leave you with some recent videos I’ve filmed for YouTube. I hope you enjoy them and I will talk to you soon.

Happy Reading! 🙂





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