Genre Favourites #3 [Mystery]

Genre Favourites #3


Welcome back to another (very delayed) genre favourites post! For this post, I am going to talk about my favourite mystery books! I’m still quite new to this genre, but I have found a few reading gems already.

The Lily Bard Series: Charlaine Harris


This is a fantastic series by the popular ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ author that doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves.

Lily Bard is a mysterious woman with a dark past who moves to the town of Shakespeare to start a new, quiet life. Her hopes of this seem far away when she discovers the dead body of her landlord, and finds she is not as safe as she hoped to be. The 5 books in this series follow Lily as she begins to solve the mysteries that pop up in her “sleepy” town. Each book is short, quick and addictive to read. I loved how they all tied in together, and how we gradually get to know Lily through each of the books – she is one of my favourite female protagonists!

The Girl in the Park – Mariah Fredericks


This is a short YA mystery that I picked up in Amsterdam last summer.

When Ran’s best friend, Wendy, is found dead in Central Park she is saddened by the accusatory media branding Wendy a ‘Party Animal’. Rain feels the investigation lacks enthusiasm, which decreases with each derogatory media statement, so she decided to take the mystery into her own hands and find out what really happened to Wendy.

This is a novel that really surpassed my expectations. It was a really enjoyable mystery, really well written and had a pretty good twist at the end as well 🙂


What are your favourite mystery reads? 🙂


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