A Storm of Swords: George RR Martin [Book Review]

A Storm of Swords

George RR Martin

Book Review

In the UK the third instalment in George RR martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series ‘A Storm of Swords’ is published in two volumes. I read these with a 5 month gap in between, and I cannot help but consider them to be ‘separate novels’. I definitely enjoyed Part 1: Steel and Snow, but it wasn’t by any means action packed. I love Martin’s world creation, character development and the complexities of his fantasy world, but not much really happened in part 1. It took me quite a long time to get through it, and I wasn’t awed by it, but I still enjoyed reading it on the whole.

I picked up part 2: Blood and Gold, a few weeks ago. I was absolutely blown away by this book. I adored every page of it, and it completely renewed my love of the series. I felt it had stark contrast to Part 1. The action came fast, hit hard and left me breathless. I found myself staring open mouthed at the book more than once, and I finished wondering whether I loved or hated George RR Martin for leaving me an emotional wreck on more than one occasion. I cannot fault the plot in this book – it twisted and turned continually, and I had (and still have) no idea where I am going to be taken next. I love it when a book/series is able to completely take me surprise.

The character development in Part 2 is also fantastic, I can feel everyone growing and changing, and I find myself liking characters that I had previously disliked; for example, Jamie Lannister. We have chapters narrated by him now, and having that little glimpse into his mind and feelings, made him grow on me, and I like the path he seems to be following. I see light for him at the end of the tunnel. Another character who I have a lot more respect for now is Sansa Stark. Previously, I had always seen her as being a little weak, but I’m starting to find that her strength is surprising me, I can’t wait to see how she develops further. I still have some characters that are my firm favourites – Tyrion Lanniser being the main one. I simply adore him, he never fails to make me laugh, and I relate a lot to his sarcastic wit.

My overall opinion of ‘A Storm of Swords’ is hugely positive. I enjoyed Part 2 the most, but still appreciate part 1! It would be interesting to read both books as one next time (as George RR Martin intended them to be read), to see if that causes me to view them differently.

I highly, highly recommend this series, and especially this instalment! This fantasy world is really not one to miss, and I think it’s going to be a life-time favourite of mine!


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One thought on “A Storm of Swords: George RR Martin [Book Review]

  1. patricksponaugle says:

    Great review!

    Thank you for singling out two of my favorite characters, Sansa and the Kingslayer. People tend to give Sansa a hard time because of her role as Cersei’s pawn in Book One, but I think she’s got terrific potential, and will surprise those who are underestimating her.

    Jaime was a big surprise to me. I got angry at myself when I realized that I was really rooting for him. I had to stop reading the book for about a week. (Then later on, I had to put the book down for about a week to catch my breath.)

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