Weekly Reading Wrap-up [6th May-12th May]

Weekly Reading Wrap-up

6th May-12th May




I Loved this third instalment in the Noughts and Crosses sequence. I have so far found all of these novels to be very moving and emotional to read. I enjoyed getting to know Callie-Rose in Check Mate. It was interesting to see hoe she grew up and how everything affected her. I also liked that the book switched between the past and the present, as well as switching between narrators. I usually enjoy novels that do this because it keeps me gripped while reading and allows for little cliff-hangers between chapters.


I LOVE the ‘Tales of Terror’ books by Chris Priestley. The stories within the books are enjoyable, and original. This book did not disappoint! I enjoyed it just as much as the other Tales of Terror books I have read, and I hope that Chris Priestley will keep coming up with fresh ideas for future instalments :).


Currently Reading:


After having a little break from the series I decided to go ahead and read the final instalment in the Noughts and Crosses sequence. I’m about 40 pages in and enjoying it so far 🙂



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