The Uninvited – Tim Wynne Jones [Book Review]

The Uninvited

Tim Wynne Jones

[Book Review]

the uninvited

Mimi Shapiro needs to escape New York City, and jumps at the chance to spend the summer at her father’s remote Canadian cottage. After driving north up to the cottage, Mimi is surprised to find somebody already there. Jay is a musician and equally startled when Mimi wanders in. He accuses her of being the one leaving him strange & threatening tokens – but Mimi has only just reached Canada. So who is doing this? and what do they really want?


This book really wasn’t what I was expecting. The cover and synopsis had me expecting a creepy, sinister read that might leave me glancing over my shoulder while reading. I did not get this! This book really wasn’t at all scary – and had no sinister atmosphere or particular build up of suspense. The mystery was good though – who the intruder was and why they were spying on Jay and Mimi was definitely what kept me reading till the end.

The main setting in ‘The Uninvited’ was The Snyde. It is described as a fairy tale cottage and it was situated in a place that made it extremely isolated. I often love isolated settings whilst reading horror or thriller novels, it usually adds a lot of impact to the story. I liked reading about The Snyde, and I feel that the idea behind its isolation was good, but I wish the author has perhaps pushed the boundaries a little more and used it to create more tension and fear.

I definitely felt that this book was more of a family drama than anything else. I do not want to reveal any spoilers so I will not go into much detail here, but I felt that the author was trying to put some family values and ‘feel good family messages’ into the story (especially at the end!). This was ok, and made for some good twists, but I found certain events and decisions to be a little unbelievable.

‘The Uninvited’ is written from a number of perspectives. Usually this is a technique that I particularly enjoy because you get to see a variety of perspectives on events. In this book the technique was effective for keeping me guessing about the mystery of the intruder, but unfortunately it wasn’t executed very clearly. The narrative switched too clearly and I often read a few paragraphs before I even realised I was hearing a different characters thoughts.

Although this book was not what I expected, and there were a few things that I did not like – I still found it a reasonably interesting read. The mystery kept me wanting to know what was going to happen, and I liked the little twists throughout the book. I wouldn’t reccommend this as a scary read, but if you like mystery and family dramas then this would be just the book for you!




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