Tales of Terror from the Black Ship – Chris Priestley [Book Review]

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

Chris Priestley

Book Review


After reading ‘Uncle Montegue’s Tales of Terror’ by Chris Priestley (see review here), I was really excited to see ‘Tales of Terror from the Black Ship’ in my local library! I checked it out straightaway read it immediately!

‘Tales of Terror from the Black Ship’ follows sibling Cathy and Ethan. When the siblings fall ill during a terrible storm their father is forced to leave them and find a doctor. They live in an inn by the sea, and it is not long before a storm drenched sailor comes knocking at the door seeking shelter from the storm. Cathy and Ethan let him in and they find themselves being entertained by his scary and grisly tales – and it is these tales that form most of the book.

Once again, Chris Priestley has crafted a gruesomely enjoyable and entertaining collection of scary tales. I found myself forgetting that this was actually a book intended for a teenage audience – I think I would have been more than a little nervous if I had delved into this ten years ago. The tales in this book had more than enough horror, gore and eeriness to keep me engrossed in each tale. And after finishing one of the tales, I can safely say that I will never EVER look at a snail in the same way again!

 I felt that the link between the stories was a lot stronger in this book than in ‘Uncle Montegue’s Tales of Terror’. I was definitely invested in the original setting with Cathy and Ethan, and found the mystery of who the sailor was rather intriguing. I felt that the book was ended really well – I loved the twist and actually didn’t see it coming at all!

I also adored the illustrations (by David Roberts) in this book – they really add to the overall mood and atmosphere of the book, and add a little ‘something’ to each story.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Tales of Terror from the Black Ship’ and I highly reccommend it to anyone who enjoys collections of scary stories. They have a faint essence of ‘Edgar Allen Poe style’ to them – and don’t worry about them being published for younger readers. I will most definitely be looking out for Chris Priestley’s third book in this style -Tales of Terror from the Tunnel’s mouth.

Buy this book here: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/?a_aid=turningpages90 (Please note that this is an affiliate link)


Happy New Year and Happy Reading to everyone!




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