Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas [Book Review]

Throne of Glass

Sarah J Maas

Book Review

Throne of glass is a fantastic first fantasy novel. The world building is detailed, believable and is really easy to follow. One of the things I love most about fantasy novels is being able to easily sink into a new world, and this book ticked that box nicely! The plot is well thought out and very captivating. From the start, you’re thrown right into what is happening, with the history of the world being build up as you read. I feel that Sarah J Maas left enough gaps in the story to keep me wanting to read the next books in the series :).

This is fantasy, and there is magic in the plot – but it is not overwhelming. In fact, magic has been banned within this world when the first book is set. There are some delicious little hints at the magic that previously took place in the world, but we don’t actually see any magic being performed until quite a way into the novel. Once you reach this part, you begin to see the role it will play. This also kept me wanting to know what is going to happen in the future books!

The characters in this book have been developed wonderfully. I like the fact that each and every one of them seemed very real – even the secondary characters that appear occasionally seemed really genuine and had their personalities shining through.

Celeana is a strong, confident female protagonist with an awesome sarcastic sense of humour. I think she may be one of my favourite female protagonists of all time! I liked that as you read through the book you begin to see underneath her strong exterior, and glimpse her weaker moments. I think there is so much depth in her, and she really doesn’t fit the bill of a heartless assassin. She turned out to be rather girly as well! There was a lot of emphasis on her gowns as the book went on. It emphasised another side to her character well, although I wasn’t particularly interested in what she was wearing!

The captain of the guard is Chaol Westfall. I liked his character a lot. He also had a lot going on behind his macho attitude, and his little moments of humour really shone though and made me love him! A lot was kept hidden about him in the book, and I’m looking forward to seeing how his character develops, and learning more about his history in future books!

At times, the crown prince Dorian Havilliard came across as a little spoilt. Unfortunately his flirting and charm with Celeana worked a little too well on me as well, and I liked him a lot by the end of the book. He had a fab sense of humour and he also loved to read (who doesn’t like a man with a passion for books!). The difference between Dorian and Chaol was that Dorian put everything about himself out there for the world to see, whereas Chaol kept it hidden. I feel like there isn’t as much to learn about Dorian in the next books, which is a shame.

Overall, I loved this book! Possibly one of my favourites of the year! I wish I had discovered this when Sarah J Maas started publishing it online via a blog, but at least I have enjoyed it now :). I learned that there are 4 novellas available online, which are about Celeana’s life as an assassin. I can’t wait to check those out, I think they’ll be fascinating!

I highly recommend this book – especially if you like fantasy. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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