The Sick/Ill Book Tag!

The Sick/Ill Book Tag!

In this tag video, there are 9 illnesses and I chose books that mirrored the symptoms of the illnesses! This was originally created by “sarawithnh“, who has an awesome YouTube Channel!

1. Diabetes: a book too sweet, like really sweet.
2. Chicken Pox: a book you’ve read once, and will never pick up again.
3. Influenza: the flu a contagious book that spreads like a virus
4. The cycle: a book you read every month, year or often.
5. Insomnia: a book that kept you up all night.
6. Amnesia: a book that’s forgotten and failed to leave a powerful impression in your memory.
7. Asthma: a book that took your breath away
8. Malnutrition: a book that lacked food for thought.
9. travel sickness: a book that took you on a journey through time or space or to a specific local on the map.

My Choices:

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