Tears of the Giraffe – Alexander McCall smith [Book Review]

Tears of the Giraffe

Alexander McCall Smith

Book Review

This is the second instalment in the No1 Ladies Detective Agency series. The adventures of Precious Ramotswe are continued as she faces her toughest case yet – a missing american who vanished a decade ago. She is also facing new dilemmas from her secretary Mma Makutsi, the troublesome maid of her new fiancee J L B Matekoni and the new additions to her family.

I ended up enjoying this book more than the first – the scene is already set and the characters already introduced, so I could just jump straight into a more in depth story.

There is one major mystery (and still a few lesser mysteries), that runs through the whole book, and I found it to be very interesting and engaging. This is more detailed and complex than the mysteries in the first book, which I found to be a little less involving.

As I mentioned in my review of ‘The No1 Ladies Detective agency’, I really love the setting of this book. I’ve enjoyed the descriptions of the African Landscape and reading about values, beliefs and a culture that seems so different to my own is really interesting!

We see a lot more character development in this book, especially with J L B Matekoni and Mma Makutsi. I felt that many people who were ‘secondary characters’ in the first book, really came to life and had more important roles in this instalment.

Another thing I particularly like about this series is the fact that many new characters, especially the clients of Precious Ramotswe, come into the story and you get to hear their, slightly condensed, life stories. I feel that this really gives you more information, and non-permanent characters feel a lot more genuine and believable when they have their own life and history outside of present events in the book.

Overall this is a great read. I think you need to read ‘The No1 Ladies Detective Agency’ first to really understand this book, and if you enjoyed the first instalment then you will no doubt enjoy this one too :).

2 thoughts on “Tears of the Giraffe – Alexander McCall smith [Book Review]

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    • turningpages90 says:

      Could you please be more specific?

      If you are reviewing the book I would obviously like you to write YOUR thoughts and not mine. I do not want any of my writing plagiarised.

      Obviously, it is possible that we may have similar opinions of the book, in which case please use your words and not mine.

      Thank you.

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