Under-known and Under-rated books.

Under-known and Under-rated books.

Hi guys, this is a written blog response to mistybookrat’s discussion video the subject of under-known and under-rated books. You can see her original video here. Below are books that I have very much enjoyed reading, and that don’t seem to get the mention that they deserve (in my opinion). Enjoy!

1) Warm Bodies – Isaac Marian

This is a hilarious, original contribution to the zombie genre. This book is written from the perspective of the zombie ‘R’ and I found that the edge this gave the book was awesome. It was very witty and had a fresh feel to it that made the book stand out against the many other zombie novels out there. I believe that this will soon be made into a film, so perhaps the book will get more recognition after that.

2) Jill – Philip Larkin

I read this book quite recently and thought it was a wonderful piece of british literature! It is written in a unique way which allowed me to really understand the experiences of student John Kemp. I loved reading about university during the second world war, and the influence of money and class had on John Kemp in comparison to his fellow university students. The story was engaging and interesting and I couldn’t stop reading it once I had started. I know Larkin is well known for his poetry; but I think this novel should receive more recognition because it is wonderful 🙂

3) Aurora Teagarden mysteries – Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris is best known for her Sookie Stackhouse series, but before that she wrote mystery novels. I picked up the first omnibus edition of the first four books in this series and fell in love with it completely. I love the style of Charlaine Harris’s writing, and thought she wrote the mysteries exceptionally well. They kept me guessing and I didn’t get fed up after the first four – I can’t wait to read the last ones in the series! I also loved the lead character of Aurora – A kick-ass, independent librarian who loves to solve a crime!

4) Lily Bard series – Charlaine Harris

This is another mystery series by Charlaine Harris. Again, I felt that the stories were well written, gripping and that each story was an interesting addition to the overall story. The thing I most enjoyed about this series was Lily Bard. I loved having such an independent, strong female protagonist. Lily’s history unfolds as you are reading the book and when I started to figure out her past, I had huge admiration for her! I highly reccommend them – especially if you enjoy Charlaine Harris’s other works.

5) The Glass trilogy 

Although Maria Snyder’s ‘Study trilogy’ is reasonably well recognised, I rarely hear anyone mention the follow-up ‘ Glass trilogy’. I enjoyed this just as much as the first. Changing the narrating character from Yelena to Opal Cowen allowed for fresh story lines to be explored while still keeping the reader in touch with much loved characters and places from ‘Study trilogy’. I do reccommend reading this after reading the first trilogy as many story lines eventually link back to events from the first trilogy. All in all, I thought this was an excellent continuation of adventures in Ixia and Sitia, with a lot more action, and a fantastic, believable fantasy world. 🙂


Thanks for reading 🙂


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