Between The Lines – Jodi Picoult & samantha Van Leer [Book Review]

Between The Lines

Jodi Picoult & samantha Van Leer

Book Review

Delilah is obsessed with a fairy tale book, and reads it over and over again. Oliver is a prince. The prince in Delilah’s fairytale book. And he wants out! When Oliver starts moving around on the pages and talking to her, Delilah just can’t believe it, her dream man is in her eyesight…just trapped in a book. Delilah and Oliver set out to find a way to transport him out of the book and into the real world.

The book was AWESOME! I really liked this idea of the characters and worlds in a book being real and continuing to exist – even when the pages of the book are shut. The “everyone into position and ready to play” concept when the book is being opened, and the free will when it is shut,  is very unique and made an unusual storyline. The story is cleverly written, we see the story unfold from the perspectives of both Delilah and Oliver, as well as a narration of the storybook itself that Delilah is reading. The fairy tale aspect of the book made it a really cheerful, happy read and it definitely kept me smiling! 🙂

Delilah is a traditional YA female protagonist. She is an outcast at school, a loner and an introvert. Yes, this is done frequently in YA fiction but it does work for her character. She is also a huge bookworm, and I always like protagonists that love to read! (for obvious reasons).

Oliver is, of course, Delilah’s prince. He genuinely loves her and his devotion to finding a way out to be with her is lovely and heart warming. I also enjoyed the contrast between the “actual Oliver” and the “fairytale Oliver”. They really were very different, and it helped distinguish him from the other people in the book, as to why he wasn’t satisfied with life in the pages. While reading the book I really felt that I was identifying with Oliver and how it must have felt to him to just suddenly burst into existence from an author’s imagination. He is created as a sixteen year old, and he has no history and no childhood to refer to – which made him very intriguing and helped create his feelings of confusion and desperation.

Another thing I really liked about this book is the gorgeous design! I love that there are hand drawn illustrations between sections of the book. They are beautiful, they help the story come to life and it keeps in with the fairytale theme (as most fairy tales are illustrated). There are also lovely black silhouette artworks on many pages, which are pretty and. again, make the book leap to life. The font style and colour changes depending on who is narrating the story which I thought was very unique. All in all, I’m really impressed with the detail that has gone into the physical creation of this book and its probably one of the prettiest I own!

Overall, I found this to be a lovely, fun, happy-ending book to read. I read it over a 24 hour period, as it really was a page turner. I love fairy tales and happy endings and thought this fitted nicely in with that tone of book! This is written for YA readers, and is co-written by a YA so the writing is very clear and simple to read – but I wouldn’t let this deter you if you are not a teen, as a 22 year old I still found myself adoring this book 🙂

One thought on “Between The Lines – Jodi Picoult & samantha Van Leer [Book Review]

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Nice review! You definitely shouldn’t feel too old to read YA. I’m 31 and have started reading YA novels again. It’s been nice to “revisit” the time in my life when those types of novels were all I read!

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