Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James [Book Review]

Fifty shades of Grey

E L James

Book Review

Anastasia Steele (Ana) meets the successful entrepreneur Christian Grey when she is drafted in to doing an interview for a campus magazine by her friend Kate. Despite Ana thinking the interview went badly, Christian mysteriously turns up at her work a few days later and they begin to hit it off. Soon, the innocent Ana learns that the gorgeous but controlling man she so desires has a darker side, a dominant side, and that he wants things to go a little differently than usual.

So, lets get down to the gritty part straight away – this is an erotic romance with a fair amount of BDSM in it. If your not comfortable reading that then this book probably isn’t for you. There is a lot of sex, some straightforward, some kinky – all very graphic. Personally, it didn’t bother me. I felt that James was brave to write so boldly, freely and openly about the subject. There were a few bits that made me cringe slightly but I wouldn’t say I felt uncomfortable while reading it.

The main emphasis of this novel is the relationship and love between Ana and Christian. It is very enjoyable and I thought that the love between these 2 wonderful characters was amazing, unconventional and at times heartbreaking! Their characters are very well developed and it is very easy to identify with Ana while you are reading it. I liked her, and even though I found myself a little frustrated with her insecurities by the end of the novel I still thought she was a good, strong female protagonist.

Christian Grey…well…what can I say? I simply adore him! I really loved his darker, mysterious side, loved his general controlling and arogant attitude, and finally loved how much he cared about Ana (even if he didn’t always show it).

I’ll now address the Twilight similarities. Yes, of course this book has some twilight similarities. I believe that James originally wrote this to be a (vampire-less and kinkier) fan fic for Twilight. This is evident in the love and romance themes, the “hair brained” mother of the main character, the ease of which any girl could be Ana (or Bella in Twilight) and so on. I didn’t have any issue with the Twilight similarities; I like Twilight. I also saw a lot of differences between Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight. This is a lot darker, with more mystery and more complex characters. I also found that Ana was a much stronger character than Bella; which I didn’t think was a bad thing.

Overall, I loved this book – I actually ended up devouring the whole trilogy over 5 days and I was extremely sad to finish it and leave Ana and Christian alone. This may not be the best written piece of work, but it was a fun, entertaining read that is likely to bring and smile (and perhaps some spice) into your life.


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