Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma [Review]


Tabitha Suzuma

Book Review

I literally do not know how to start this review! I have never, ever read a book quite like this before. I loved every page of it and managed to finish it in about 20 hours.

I believe that this book is definitely one to be approached with an open mind; the subject of incest is controversial and considered taboo. For those reasons I wouldn’t advise “younger” readers to pick it up – a certain degree of maturity is needed. I will also add that in real life, I do NOT agree with incest! Perhaps I did not worry upon picking up the book because I am an only child – therefore in reality I don’t have experience sibling relationships and had no fear that a novel of this nature would actually affect my personal life in any way.

The characters in this book drew me into the story immediately. I loved them all and I really felt like I was experiencing their world with them and not just “looking in”. What the family (well…the children) experienced was awful and my heart went out to them all. Given the circumstances surrounding the love you can almost understand why the events happened. In a different situation it probably would not have occurred. I loved that the chapters alternated between Maya’s and Lochan’s narratives. I really got into and understood what was going on in each of their heads; sometimes though their voices were very similar and I occasionally had to really think about which character was voicing the chapter.

The whole book was beautifully written; and my kindle edition had been thoroughly decorated with highlights and notes from my favourite passages.

My heart broke while reading this book; over and over again. I did not expect to feel this “strongly” about the book when I started in. The ending was a huge surprise and it broke me even more.

Honestly, Tabitha Suzuma is a fantastic, talented author and I will be reading anything else she writes in the future!

5/5 rating!


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